Top 5 Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards represent your business commitment and guidelines to provide quality customer service and interactions. This includes everything that happens while interacting with your customers, even training your employees who interact with them.

Customer service standards are important one side it gives your customer a clear idea of what to expect when dealing with your business. on the other side, it provides guidelines for your employees to follow when interacting with your customers.

Each company creates its own set of customer service standards, still, there are certain key principles such as transparency. However, what we will discuss in this article, is the most important standards from the customers’ perspective.

1- Responsiveness

This came first for customers being responsive to their inquiries. Actually, not only responsiveness to their inquiries is important but also, but speed and efficiency matter. Moreover, a quick response is great, but speedy resolution feedback to their requirements is a must.

Tip: normally customers expect to receive a respond within 5 minutes or less so make sure to impress in the very first interaction to let them know that you do understand their inquires and you are working to solve any issues that faced or might face them

2- Accountability

Taking responsibility for your mistakes is the second most important standard. Your business needs to acknowledge if there is any problem to be able to face and solve it. This acknowledgment and being responsible gives your customer an indication that you are not caught up but responsible instead.

Tip: In business mistakes always happen, so make sure to be ready with responses for such mistakes to show responsibility and positivity towards your customer.

3- Meeting expectations

When a customer has a problem he expects you to do everything possible to help. In other words, go above and beyond to solve their problems.

To let the customer know you are really interested and invested in your business he needs to get all his problems solved and if not solved, he needs to see a system where his problem can be escalated to higher levels to be solved.

Tip: exceeding your customer expectations is even better, but this only depends on your representatives’ flexibility during their interactions with customers.

4- Availability

Being available when your customers need your help is vital to them. A customer needs to know when exactly are your team is available and what are your operation hours. More importantly, your business needs to be as responsive as possible during that time.

Tip: automated replies are a great way to let your customers know when they might get responses from you, so whenever available use automation.

5- Positivity

Through the interaction between your business and your customers, your representatives need to be friendly and keep the interaction positive.

Don’t take it personal. If a customer is upset and always be kind because even if it is a difficult conversation this customer has a genuine interest to work it out with your product/service.

Tip: keep this in mind when hiring your representatives and do some role play with them to measure how they might interact with tough conversations.

By setting your customer service standards you will guarantee the quality of your service. This will let your customers set what they expect to get from you no matter who responds/deals with them. It is an effective way to stay at the top of your customers’ minds.

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