Should start-ups get a Virtual or Physical office?

The trends in working spaces and organization cultures have significantly changed in the recent past. What would be regarded as abnormal has become the new and preferred norm to many workers and businesses. 

But this does not mean you have to choose one thing in specific and any other is not normal actually it means you do have multiple options based on your business case 

In this article, we will list the benefits of virtual offices VS physical offices and the choice is all yours.

Virtual offices

Virtual offices have gained popularity in small businesses and start-ups. This trend has been accelerated by the development of messaging services and video conferencing apps mainly and especially the business-oriented ones.

If you think about getting a virtual office you will get the following benefits:

1- less overheads cost

When starting your business you normally think of increasing your profit and decreasing your expenses hereby this is the ultimate solution where you got a place with no upcoming fees like monthly bills.

2- Professional business address

You can have your own address in an administrative and professional location instead of giving your personal address to your clients. You can include the address on your paperwork, brochures, business cards, and websites to make it look even more appealing to potential clients.

3-  Less expansion cost

Virtual offices can also help if you want to expand to other markets. Since you can register for a virtual office in another country, your business can have a presence in the country without you physically being there.

4- Flexible working time

By working remotely you can save commute time and have more flexible working hours and the saved time can be used to increase your business productivity. Giving your employees needed flexibility in choosing their working hours.

5- Work/Life Balance

Working remotely with more flexible hours gives employees more space to have a healthy/ social lifestyle.

Do not hurry up and decide already because still, virtual offices have various disadvantages including:

1- Lack of structure

If you do not have a solid business structure working remotely from virtual offices, might lead to decreased productivity among employees.

2- Lack of connectivity and community among employees

Businesses should promote a culture that enhances interpersonal relationships and connectivity. And virtual offices diminish contact among workers unless you have a good team management tool this is not your best option.

3- Distractions

If your team can not work remotely or can not manage focus without distraction this is not the suitable choice for you. Virtual offices often lead to distraction. For instance, working from home or the coffee shop often has plenty of distractions which can reduce productivity. 

Physical office

Despite the hype around virtual offices, many businesses still prefer to stick to the option of physical offices. This largely depends on the business type, culture and funds availability. 

If you think about getting a Physical office you will get the business location moreover you can have access to more benefits such as:

1- Social and Physical interaction between employees

This is opposite to a virtual office where you can interact with your employees and give them the chase to interact with each other sharing their work-related and personal stories and creating a more strong bond. 

2- less distraction compared to working remotely 

Working from the office may be more motivational with less personal distraction and a more productive-oriented environment where all work together.

3- Convenience

When your employees work remotely they need to set up their infrastructure and depend on their own resources which might affect their productivity on the physical office all can access needed equipment and there is no need for their individual inputs which ensures the quality and productivity of your business. 

Moreover, it makes monitoring your employees’ performance much easier.

Still, there is no need to hurry in your decision because like virtual office it has its own disadvantages as well:

1- High overheads costs

Office leases can be expensive not to mention office furniture, supplies, equipment, and other overhead costs. 

2- Geographic limitations

It limits businesses to hiring people in a given location and businesses end up losing on hiring talents globally. 

3- Time consumption

Unlike the virtual office where employees can save commute time and be flexible in their working hours, the physical office may limit employee performance especially due to long commute hours to work.

So should your business get an office now?

It is a yes and no question depending on your case if you are looking to save cost, your dealings are mostly online-based, and your team can still work effectively without shared equipment and infrastructure, a physical office is not a must.

However, if you are into physical interaction and shared infrastructure you will be more comfortable with a physical office.

Take your time to decide and check instaDeel latest offers on virtual and physical offices from here