How to Market your Small Business in 2022?

How to Market your Small Business in 2022?

If you have a startup or an SME or even having a startup idea, having an online presence for your business is essential and Digital marketing can help boost your business, check this article on why digital marketing is important for startups

Ok, now you know how important digital marketing is but if you have little experience in digital marketing what to do?

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your business may feel overwhelming but instaDeel is here to support check out our latest marketing offer from here, And if you want to do it yourself still no worries we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll help you build and optimize your small business marketing strategy, setting you up to attract new clients and ultimately grow your business.

Small Business Marketing Strategies

To raise your brand awareness and turn your leads into actual users the answer is in your marketing strategy. With a small business, getting the word out can be challenging due to budget or time restraints. However, there are key strategies that can help you scale your small business’s marketing efforts.

1- Know your audience

“Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one” A key mistake is thinking that “anyone” is your target customer. Especially for small businesses; as larger companies may be able to appeal to a wide market. So you need to target a specific niche.

And to develop a niche and appeal to buyers within the niche, you must understand their pains, problems, triggering events, and priorities. What is pushing them to make a purchasing decision? What does it look like if they succeed? Knowing these things will help you craft messaging that both serve your target and match their needs.

Let me give you a hint on how to do it

  • Think about your existing customers and who you’d like to work with.
  • Create a buyer persona to start the process and craft your ideal message.

2- Emphasize your value proposition

USP; which means a unique selling proposition in other words what differentiates you from your competitors and makes up your prospects’ minds that you’re the provider to go with? If there’s no difference between you and your competition, there’s no reason for your customer to choose you over your competitor.

So your next exercise is to start thinking about What do you do better than anyone in the industry? once you reach the answer you can craft your message to target the right customer.

3- Stay focused on a singular goal

As you may have noticed there are various marketing directions and activities to follow. This is so tempting to explore various tools, techniques, and strategies at once to cover all your business bases.

This is easy, but easy does not necessarily mean right. Instead, what we recommend is to identify where the biggest impact will be. Then set a performance goal around that one key area and focus your resources on the activities and tactics that will achieve that one performance goal.

After achieving your desired progress you can expand your efforts toward other goals.

4- Capitalize on short-term plays

At your business level, you need to see ROI sooner. This will give you sufficient cash flow to put toward larger projects, long-term plays, and more sustainable growth models.

Normally ads are good tactics that do not require time. on the other hand SEO, for example, is one of the tactics that take time to build. Hence, long-term activities might take time to generate ROI they might be a poor fit for your primary initiatives.

So if you have enough resources to invest in long-term activities, great, but don’t put all your eggs in that basket.

5- Focus on what works

Once you have used marketing tactics and it worked, pay attention to the data. This can inform you of what’s working. It’s a good idea to re-use proven methods of generating revenue.

6- Understand the power of existing customers

On average it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than close an existing one. This means you shouldn’t stop your marketing activities once your customers purchase but Identify your opportunities for repeat purchasing, upselling, and cross-selling.

If you have provided your existing customers with a good experience they might do business with you again multiple times or at least you might get positive word of mouth, which is a powerful and free promotional tool.

7- Use word of mouth as a promotion channel

As mentioned, satisfying your customers can have a big impact on your business, mainly in repeat purchases and word of mouth. And it is always a good idea to measure customer satisfaction and encourage them to spread the word. 

If you provide a great experience; your customers will be more encouraged to leave reviews, give testimonials, and tell their friends about you.

8- Promote yourself on social media

Social media is a powerful business tool with billions of users on its various platforms. Social media marketing can help you engage with potential customers, build brand awareness, and promote your products.

Moreover, it can help you start a one-to-one relationship with your customers and spend more time with them.

9- Invest in ads

For small businesses, short-term activities with positive and quick ROI are the best. Organic traffic takes a while to build, and as a small business, you want to invest in short-term plays. 

So ads are the best google ads if your target audience is using the web for their search, and if they aren’t consider social media ads instead. Individuals on social media have less buying intent, but with highly targeted ads and enough impressions, you’ll gain the interest of your audience.

10- Create an offer on instaDeel

As mentioned previously, individuals on social media have less buying intent specially in B2B sector which costs you extra money. instead Post a deal on instaDeel and reach your right target.

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