5 Facts about instaDeel that will support your business

Any company in this competitive era can not only depend on advertising actually, you can not rely on one specific source to get your leads but this is in the normal B2C case what about the B2B. 

Marketing to businesses is very different from marketing to individual consumers. In B2B you focus on the needs, interests, and challenges of individuals who are making the decisions on behalf of, or for, their organization (rather than for themselves), thus your customer is their organization. 

Hence, it is even more challenging to use the same promotional mix used in approaching B2C because of the cold leads. And by cold leads, we mean that you might reach a significant number of people. However, the potential of reaching the right user is significantly low which increases your average cost per acquisition.

So what is the solution?

B2B can always learn from B2C and as the marketplaces exist for selling to customers InstaDeel came to life as the FIRST B2B marketplace in Egypt creating a trustworthy platform that vets both business providers and service seekers to find their suitable lead/service creating a perfect business flow and environment. Here are 5 reasons to join instaDeel.

  1. Vetting both services providers and seekers on the same platform

InstaDeel vets both service providers and seekers on the same platform which decrease the potential of reaching cold leads and decrease your cost per acquisition, and because InstaDeel supports the economy and business environment in Egypt, the subscription fees are convenient and you can redeem your desired offers without even pay any subscription.

To find out more about the instaDeel package check this link: https://bit.ly/39giTwp

2. Funding opportunities

Not only supporting deals publishing but on InstaDeel you will also get access to national and international funding opportunities by accessing daily updated Tenders and Grants, VCs, Acceleration and Incubators lists, and programs in Egypt to boost your business up.

3. Worldwide Community

Once joining InstaDeel you will be part of more than 57,000 entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries all over the world which means that you will get the needed support if and when entering any of those countries.

4. Instant Channel

As a service provider/ seeker, one of the important things to do is to be fully aware of what is available in the market and how to fulfill your business needs while decreasing your expenses and increasing your revenue and this can be done by joining our telegram channel where you get business tips and tricks and instant published offers to best serve your business.

5. On-Ground Networking

One of the best ways to get new users is to get involved in business sector events where you can meet current business owners and discuss your needs and demands that is why InstaDeel has the Founders’ meetup as well as various events all to network and develop your business.
To find out more about instaDeel events check this calendar: https://bit.ly/3He8DRV

Where to find instaDeel?

You can find us on our website: https://bit.ly/3xlJlN7

Facebook page: https://bit.ly/3QhjTB3

Instagram: https://bit.ly/3Hf0MmU

And our exclusive Telegram Channel: https://t.me/+nyu6vgfjKcY3ZmJk

Start your journey with InstaDeel Today

As a service provider: you can start by creating your profile and then adding your business information, now congratulation you are officially eligible to post your first deal.

As a service seeker: you can create a personal profile to start enjoying the usage experience of instaDeel and redeem your first desired offer. 

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