5 Benefits an Interactive Website Design Brings to Your Business

Interactive Website Design

As a startup or SME owner you want to get more users while still keeping your budget under control. Hence, an interactive website design for your business is the solution.

This might not be convincing but let’s discuss it further; To earn a new customer, you have to interact with them in positive ways, and in today’s digital world how many of these interactions occur online?

Let me guess 50% or 60%, wrong answer. Actually, based on research it is over 70% especially if it is a small business. I think you are convinced now that your startup/SME needs an interactive website design.

it does not matter in which industry or sector you are in what really matters is that you need to take advantage of the recent digital world and having an interactive website design means you got the chance to personalize each interactivity on your platform which makes it more appealing.

let’s explore the benefits interactive website design offers startups and SMEs:

1- Connect with Customers in Meaningful Ways

90% of consumers today expect a website to have interactive self-service components. This helps answer questions and guide their decisions.

By failing to deliver interactive and personalized experience you may lose 70% of your customers to your competitors.

So make sure your website reflects your brand identity and is interactive enough to help your business establish a relationship with your customers.

2- Increase Conversion Rates

if a user gets into your website and interacted with your brand why would he/she consider dealing with your competitors?

this is a great advantage of interactive website design; it engages with customers building gradual trust, increases their conversion rate, and decreases the bounce rate, unlike dull websites with poor content.

3- Improve Personalization

Interactions have a great advantage other than engagement; it is measurable. you can use data from your customer interactions to learn more about their preferences creating a more personalized experience for them.

you can use these data to:

  • Direct them to exactly what they’re looking for
  • Create more relevant content
  • Display offers that they can’t refuse
  • Provide a highly customized personal experience

and because those interactions are automated you can spend your time and efforts more wisely letting your website turns those cold leads into hot ones.

4- Position your brand at your customers’ mind

when people like the experience they got on your website they are more likely to get back again and again because you have added value to their lives.

And when you add value to their lives your brand, products, and services will be positioned at the top of their minds.

5- Encourage Word of Mouth

Who can ignore the WOM importance?!, people will tend to share an interactive and delightful experience they had on your website with their friends and family to let them get the same benefits they got.

this will increase your reach to their connections and reach more potential customers.

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